Phillip Phillips releases new song, ‘Take me away’

At the Philadelphia radio event for the Mix 106.1, fans of Philip Phillips was treated with a first hearing of the singer’s latest song ‘Take me away’. The guitar driven track is now available on the web for downloads. The song which highlights Phillips preference for slow tunes features lyrics about grey clouds, deep abyss and a life saving love.
However, whether or not Phillips is going to include this latest song in his upcoming debut album has not been confirmed. Phillips is busily working on his debut album when ever the time permits and in between stops of the ongoing ‘Idols Live’ cross country tour. The singer is drawing inspiration for this album from different versatile artists.

According to Phillips ‘I have written songs with people who are like me and who aren’t. Like going on a blind date we never know what the result is going to be.’ However, the singer finds the whole thing really cool because it provides him the opportunity to learn from others and for them to learn about his way of writing. Phillips plans to include several songs that will have the same feel of ‘home’ in the new album. There will also be others with lots of sax, horn sections and the electric guitar thrown in with cool drum sounds. The biggest thing for Phillip Phillips about releasing his first album is to make sure it will have something that will truly represent him as a singer and person. “I want to do something that I can be proud of and say ‘Yeah that’s MY stuff!’

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