Phillip Phillips New Album Details

Currently, American Idol Season 11 winner Phillip Phillips has a lot on his plate.  He just won the nation’s biggest singing competition, underwent a grueling surgery, released a single that went gold and is in the middle of the American Idol 2011 top 10 Summer Tour.  So, what else could this dynamo possibly have up his sleeve? It turns out that Phillip Phillips has also been working on his first solo album – something that he fully intends to contribute to as much as possible – both vocally and through the songwriting process.  Indeed, the current American Idol champ wants nothing more than for his first album to reflect who he is an artist.  And according to him, that means writing as many of the songs as possible himself.  In addition to putting his own spin on his debut album, Phillips indicates that this will also allow him to better connect with the songs.

According to Phillip Phillips, the album has actually gone beyond the initial writing stage and has actually progressed to the point that some recording is going on.

As for which producers he is working with, Phillip has stayed uncharacteristically mum on that point.
The as-of-yet untitled album is slated to be released in November or December of this year, much to the delight of Phillip Phillips fans not just across the country but also around the globe, as his debut single “Home” has been heard playing on international radio stations over the last few weeks, something that is undoubtedly building Phillip’s fan base.

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