Phillip Phillips Facebook Summer Tour Info

According to American Idol season 11 winner Phillip Phillips’ Facebook page, there is a new way to get more information about the American Idol Live Summer Tour 2012 – featuring (you guessed it) Phillip Phillips!  All you have to do is dial **IDOL from your cell and you will not only hear a specially recorded message for Idol fans, you will also receive a text message from Phillip about seeing him – and the rest of the crew – on tour this summer.   Keep in mind, though, that getting this hookup will probably cost you for the text and data. This is a great opportunity to get your American Idol fix now that the current seasons over and the next won’t start until January rolls around.  Not only that, you will get all of the information you need to help you pick up tickets to the American Idol Live Summer Tour 2012 – so you can see Phillip Phillips (everybody’s favorite Idol) in person.

The current tour is already in full swing with many tour dates having already passed – but don’t let that get you down.  There is still plenty of time to score tickets to see Phillip Phillips and the rest of the 11th season Idols live and in concert – but concert dates ARE happening fast, and if you don’t want to lose out on your chance to be a part of this once-in-a-lifetime tour, you are going to want to make the call and arrange for your tickets before summer is over.


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