Phil Phillips: Health Issues

 Okay let’s talk about what really happened to Phil and his health issues during and after “Idol”. Last March 8, he was rushed to the hospital after experiencing severe abdominal pain according to sources.

For the last seasons, many “AI” contestants had health issues; this includes David Cook (season 7) that required treatment for high blood pressure. Casey Abrams (season 10) who had intestinal problems also was rushed to the hospital and another finalist like Crystal Bowersox (season 9) who had diabetes issues. These scenarios aren’t new to “Idol” anymore and this just signifies that AI contestants are just mere human after all.

Now, Phil at 21 is suffering from Chronic Kidney Stones. According to a health website, Kidney stones are caused by hardened minerals in the kidneys or urinary system. Common cases are these stones are formed when there is a decrease of volume of urine or increase of number of minerals that form the stones in the urine.

What Phil should do to avoid or prevent this disease from recurring is a change of lifestyle. A person who suffers from this disease is advised to take a proper and daily exercise and eating the right food and drinks as well. Drinking about two to three quarts of water per day is usually recommended for a person with history of kidney stones.

I guess Phil has a long way to go to battle with his kidney issues if he doesn’t take care of himself and his health. Celebrities like him should always bear in mind that we only have one body and one lifetime. Phil fanatics are now praying that he’ll soon recover and be back on stage again soon.


  1. Ann Lumax says:

    Just google kidney stones and you will find out that that he will have to live with the problem.

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